Fire Protection Considerations for Anechoic Chambers

FIRE PROTECTION CONSIDERATIONS As stated in FM 1-53 there is no single protection appropriate for all anechoic chambers. Because of the range of chamber sizes, purposes, construction materials, and various chamber contents a specific protection goal should be established for each individual chamber. The need for adequate fire protection hinges on a couple of factors and needs to be coordinated carefully with both your local fire authority and your insurance carrier. Since each location is unique, local codes need to be thoroughly investigated to see what’s required in your municipality....

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At Cuming-Lehman Chambers we understand the complexities involved when selecting the correct ramp for your anechoic chamber.  Every ramp we sell is custom made; designed to be user friendly; beefy enough to handle the job and durable enough to last a long time. Knife-edge door sills are very sensitive; it’s recommended that the sill not be used as a step for pedestrian traffic, therefore when bringing in heavier test articles with a cart, bag-wagon or forklift the correct ramp must be utilized.                          Some important points to consider when...

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