Welcome from the Team

Cuming-Lehman Chambers, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cuming Microwave Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of radar absorbing materials and dielectric materials for the electronics, telecommunications, and aerospace industries. 

Cuming-Lehman Chambers has been designing and building anechoic chambers for the commercial and defense industries since 1985. Originally named Lehman Chambers we became Cuming-Lehman Chambers when we were purchased by Cuming Microwave in 2004. Since our inception, we have focused our efforts on providing a personal touch for our customers and ensuring the best value possible.

Our broad knowledge and experience combined with our team of dedicated professionals enable us to tackle the most unique and demanding projects. In an era of unprecedented growth in digital electronic devices and high-speed wireless communications, Cuming-Lehman Chambers is poised and ready to meet the increased demand for anechoic test facilities. Likewise, with the hi-tech advancements taking place within the Department of Defense we capitalize on our past experience and new technology to provide the best overall solutions to complex testing requirements.

As in the past, with the development of our modeling software and chamber design team, we will continue to pioneer innovative ways to design and build anechoic chambers and state of the art test facilities. We’re constantly investigating new materials and techniques that allow us to provide optimal chamber performance while minimizing cost impact.

Here at Cuming-Lehman Chambers, we are sincerely “Dedicated to Designing and Building State-of-the-Art Turnkey Anechoic Test Facilities.”