Anechoic Chamber Lighting Options

Chamber Light

Adequate Chamber lighting is crucial when designing an anechoic chamber. Microwave absorbers not only attenuate RF signals it diminishes visible light. Cuming Lehman Chambers offers a complete line of chamber lighting to match your testing needs. Any lighting fixtures used in an RF chamber should not emit RF energy levels that will interfere with the chambers’ performance. As a rule, all lights should be located a minimum of four feet off the center line of the chamber. If possible, the lights should be placed above the surface of the ceiling in high hats, so that the anechoic material can efficiently shield them from the energy levels developed in the room. The number of lights should be considered carefully and kept to a minimum, as each light can be a potential cause of RF reflections in the room.

We offer a full line of incandescent, LED, fiber optic and ION fixtures.